Rural road surfacing

The Town Council in Inca has awarded contracts for the clearing and resurfacing of 6 rural roads in the districts of: sa Batalla, s'Hort, sa Pota del Rei, Cas Secretri, Can Rafalino and Cas Gisca.

The works will be undertaken by the Balearic Works and Services company for a cost of 119'600 euros and will take 6 months to complete.
Mayor Pere Rotger explained on Thursday that the award of contract, made through the tender being put out for public bidding, has meant that the amount expected to be spent on the project is now slightly less than planned. The saving will be invested in further road surfacing schemes. He furthermore claimed that the project schedule could be reduced to only a couple of months.

Heritage decree

The Island Commission for Town Planning and Heritage has unanimously approved the technical report on listed property affected by the Balearic government's road-widening project on the C-713 between Inca and sa Pobla. The scheme aims to convert the road into a dual carriageway.

The report was completed on 27 August this year after the works had begun although the construction programme had the approval of the Heritage department from the outset.

Among the assessments on property and land affected by the project, specialists pointed to the Cas Tix hostal, situated at km 37.8 lying within the district of Campanet. “It cannot (according to Heritage by-laws) be demolished and therefore we have the responsibility of preserving the property. The Cas Tix hostal forms part of an historic heritage linked to the roadway which has always been of key importance to the Island”.

Urgent repairs

The central government in Madrid and the Balearics have verbally agreed on the regional Environment ministry on the Islands taking control of the Mollet de s'Oberta.

Jaume Font confirmed the accord after a visit to Madrid for an interview with an Environment ministry specialist, and the director of the central government Coastal department, José Fernandez.

Font made 3 proposals: to halt the dismantling of the s'Oberta wharf as decreed last week by the Balearic coastal department; Font asked for special authorisation to carry out urgent repairs on the Mollet, which, he claimed, would cost between 6'000 and 9'000 euros; finally the Balearic government is calling on central Administration to allow the regional Environment ministry to take control of management of the wharf.

A sigh of relief

All those property owners, of land or housing in the proposed Son Talent development in Manacor, can finally rest easy. The regional government's Island Town Planning Commission held during Thursday morning, gave the green light to the development situated to one side of the highway which links Manacor with Sant Llorenç. Former mayor of Manacor, Miquel Riera, said that the government had taken too long to see through the necessary land legislation for the project to go ahead.