by Staff Reporter
PALMA shares the distinction of having the dearest buses in Spain with Barcelona, as opposed to Castellon, Logroño and Salamanca, which have the cheapest.

This was the result of a survey conducted by FACUA, a federation of consumer associations.
Palma has the dearest bonobus or clipper card which does not permit changing buses, at a cost of 7.51 euros for ten journeys.
It also has the second dearest single ticket (1.15 euros), after Madrid (1.20 euros) and the same as Barcelona.
However, residents in Palma can also take out a tarjeta ciudadano or citizen's card, under which a single ride is only 0.45 euros.
Taking a city bus in Spain costs an average of 0.49 euros if a clipper card is used. This is 40 percent less than buying a single ticket, the average price of which is 0.83 euros.

Bus fares in 28 Spanish cities have differences which can be as much as 116 percent.
The consumer association report compares single tickets, clipper cards (usually for ten trips) with and without the right to change buses, and monthly cards.

The clipper card costs an average of 5.08 euros when transfers are allowed and 4.94 euros when this option is not available.
In the former, the price differences in the 28 cities can be up to 41 percent and in the latter, 116 percent.
After Palma, with the dearest clipper card without transfers, are Almeria and Malaga at 5.70 euros.
At the other end of the scale, it costs only 3.47 euros in Salamanca and 3.90 euros in Ciudad Real and Seville.
Twelve of the cities included in the survey have a monthly travel card, which does not exist in Palma.
They cost an average of 27.94 euros, ranging from 14.50 euros in Castellon to 38.80 euros in Barcelona.