K Centre for black vultures

THE Centre for the Conservation of Wildllife in the Mediterranean, which includes the headquarters of Foundation for the Conservation of the Black Vulture, has opened its new installations at the Son Pons estate in Campanet. The Foundation has been at Son Pons for the past two years, but the storms of 2001 caused considerable damage. One of its functions is to preserve the four species of vulture in Europe, distribute vultures to the rest of Europe and shelter the birds. Over the past 15 years, the Foundation has increased the number of black vultures on the island from 19 to 90.

K Injured turtles found

BIOLOGISTS from Marineland have this week found four injured turtles in waters of the Port of Pollensa and Port of Soller. The turtles found in Soller were entangled in plastic netting and suffered serious injuries to their shells and flippers. They are being treated for their injuries at Marineland, but it is hard to say if they will survive. The two turtles found in Pollensa are said to be in a stable condition.

K Work at train station

THE Majorcan Railway Company (SFM) will start five projects in the municipality of Inca next month, calling for an investment of more than seven million euros. It will include improving safety at the level crossings and refurbishing the station. Other projects include building a bridge for pedestrians over the railway lines and the Lloseta road, replacing one which was closed down a few months ago because it was unsafe, and building a tunnel for pedestrians under the tracks, to link the soccer pitches of Constancia and Sallista. The level crossing for pedestrians opposite the station building will disappear, and two tunnels will be built to replace it.

K Work to resume

THE Alcudia council has given permission to resume construction work in the Sa Torreta district of the port, Can Blau and Es Barcares in Alcudia. Work had to stop during the high season because of the inconvenience (noise and dust) to tourists. Sa Torreta is one of the most densely populated areas of the port, and its refurbishment will cost 900'000 euros, financed entirely by the Alcudia town council. The budget for Can Blau is 2.5 million euros.

K More berths needed

YACHT clubs in the Balearics have once again called for permission to create more berths to meet growing demands. According to a recent report, the Balearics has the third highest number of sports boats in Spain, with 28'299 leisure craft and 2'294 jet skis. In addition, the islands draw yachties from all over the world. The concessions for several yacht clubs are currently due for revision, although this will probably be delayed until the new law on ports is approved. The sector says that the installations must be upgraded if they are to compete with other ports.

K Bill too high

TRADERS in Valldemossa have complained about the increase in the charge for incineration, which is 80 percent higher than last year. At a meeting with the Mayor, they said it was unfair, as the charge for householders has only gone up by 20 percent. However, the Mayor said that there was no other solution but to pay the bill. A spokesman for the traders said that some restaurants in Valldemoss face a bill of more than 2'000 euros for the incineration service for two months, which they consider out of proportion. They also criticise the fact that the increase was introduced without warning. The Mayor has offered to consider a solution for next year.


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