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CAN Serra, one of the buildings purchased by the previous coalition government with tourist tax funds, cannot be used as it is in a state of ruin.
The architect commissioned to direct the refurbishment advised the Balearic government to thicken the interior walls, in view of the possibility that the building could not take the strain of the new roof planned for the second stage of work.

In the first stage the building, in Plaza Quadrado, was shored up. Experts from the Balearic University are now studying the interior of the building to make sure that no valuable architectural elements are lost while the walls are being widened.

But there is an added problem because the government does not have sole ownership. The ground floor is shared with three other owners; one of the flats is rented to a third party and the heirs of another are disputing ownership.

A spokesman for the tourism ministry said that they were not considering what use the building could be put to at present, they are mainly concerned about preventing it falling down.

The building cost 1.4 million euros, and at the time the Partido Popular, then in opposition, claimed that this was three times the real value.


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