Irrigation cooperative

More than 100 landowners in Maria de la Salut have put down their names to form part of the future irrigation cooperative which will use recycled water from the sewage treatment plant to irrigate their land.

Antoni Mulet, mayor of Maria de la Salut, confirmed that the area which will benefit from the scheme totals 1'020'000 square metres.
This terrain embraces the areas of Banderola, son Xigala, es Pujolet, Deulosal, es Puig, Son Bachs and Montblanc.
The mayor said it now only remains for the Balearic government to formalise details with the subscribers.
Water checks

In the northern sector of the municipality of Manacor, where it borders with Sant Llorenç, there has been a seepage of sea water into the supply wells, directly affecting the quality of the water.

This is one of the main conclusions reached by an environmental study which revealed that the level of the underground rivers which feed the wells has fallen below that of the sea due to over-exploitation, resulting in the infiltration of sea water.

The distribution of water in Manacor is operated by 5 companies and 1'226 wells are set up, regulated for domestic use.
Official sources at the Town Council said they were aware of the problem and were going to take the most appropriate measures to reduce the level of salinity in the water supply.

Another environmental concern affecting residents in Manacor is rubbish disposal.
Each inhabitant produces an average of 1.55 kilos of waste material a day, meaning that every year, 20'000 tonnes of rubbish have to be disposed of.
Selective rubbish collection represents 5 percent of the rubbish generated, 1'000 tonnes a year.
Residents are requesting that more containers should be distributed throughout the municipality accompanied by a public awareness campaign.
Building bridges

The Town Council in Inca is to approach the Council of Majorca about the construction of a raised pedestrian walkway over the Alcudia highway, between Gran Via Colon and the Sallista sports area.

The aim of the proposal which will be set out before the Council by the ruling government team (Partido Popular), is to “solve the serious risk undertaken by people crossing the highway which supports a high volume of traffic on a daily basis” said Inca's mayor, Pere Rotger.

The Town Council insists that although the construction of the bypass south of the city will notably reduce the density of traffic which passes along this road, it will not solve the serious problems for pedestrians.

It is for this reason that the local government team believes that the best solution will be to build a new bridge and are proposing two possibilities for its location.

One possibility is to build the bridge alongside the current train bridge “so that the visual impact is minimised”.
The second option is to build it on the Sineu road roundabout “a plan which will have a greater visual impact but it will be more readily accepted because of its practicality.

However, said Rotger, “it will be technicians from the Council of Majorca who will decide on precisely where the bridge will be built”.


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