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I T now costs drivers exactly the same to fill up in the Balearics as on the mainland.
After the latest wave of fuel hikes, which has seen the price of petrol nudge above the one euro benchmark in the Balearics, consumers associations are warning drivers to shop around and find the petrol stations offering the best value. To fill the petrol tank of your car in the Balearics is not any dearer today than it is in other regions of Spain as prices on the Islands are very close to the national averages.

Carlos Salinas, spokesman for a consumer association on Ibiza confirmed however, that in the case of minimum pricing levels, which are around 0.92 euros in the Balears, the Islands are slightly higher than the 0.84 euros minimum average on the mainland.

According to the central government Ministry for Industry, the average price for unleaded petrol in both cases is about 0.93 euros but the maximum on the Islands is 0.50 euros less than in other parts of the country.

In Ibiza town, the Paseo Juan Carlos I petrol station is one of the dearest, where two days ago, the price of fuel exceeded 0.94 euros. This leading price is followed by one offered at a filling station on the Ibiza airport road, where it is selling for 0.93 euros, while in San Juan, the Balearic minimum of 0.92 euros is charged.

Analysed by Island, Majorca offers the most economic prices with 15 petrol stations providing fuel at 0.92 euros per litre. In the case of Arta (where there are three stations), Can Pastilla, Campos and Capdepera (where there are two in each town), the situation is most profitable for the customer.

In terms of diesel oil, the differences between the Balearics and the Peninsula are similar to those of other fuels, since the minimum price currently registers at 0.82 euros, one centimo more. The national average is identical in the Islands to the rest of the country, 0.83 euros, while the maximum prices registered are two centimos under the national average.

Salinas underlined the fact that some filling stations at large commercial centres, have a national pricing policy which offers fuel at even more competitive prices, a practice which is applied to all products in the sector.

The head of the Consumer association said that in the case of price rises such as are being faced at the moment, the only recourse open to the customer is to seek out the stations which offer the cheapest tariffs “although it is not fair”, he said, “that the consumer always has to pay at the end of the day”. As a result of consumer interest, the Minister of Industry publishes fuel price of 7'636 petrol stations on its web page, 183 of which are in the Balearics.


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