No Michael Douglas
THE Balearic tourist industry are heading off to London next month to take part in the tourism trade fair, the World Travel Market. This is one of the most important events of its type in the world, and vital for the Balearics. Last year proved most successful as Michael Douglas was unveiled as the new ambassador for tourism. But this year there is no Douglas and the Balearics are facing heavy competition from the cheaper resorts in the Eastern Mediterranean. I would have thought that the islands need Douglas more than ever this year but under the terms of his multi-million euro deal with the Balearics he is only required to attend one tourism fair a year. What a shame. However, the Balearics are believed to be planning to unveil a British celebrity, who has connections with the island. It is being kept a closely guarded secret but I am told that it could be someone from Ibiza. Watch this space! Race for space
I hear on the grape vine that former Bellver International College student and stockbroker Domingo Zapata has put his name down to go into space in one of these space tourism programmes. The total cost is $100'000 and Domingo will have to undergo a special training course in Russia before blasting off. It should be an out of this world experience. Also, showing plenty of interest in the space tourism programme is space expert Bob Gourlay. He said this week that space tourism could completely alter our way of lives.

Mediterranean diet
P LENTY is said about the Mediterranean diet but at the end of the day it is just plain common sence, eating fresh vegetables and fruit and olive oil. Unfortunately it appears that a growing number of young Majorcans have gone off their traditional diets in favour of foreign imports from across the Atlantic. It's a great shame when a hamburger is more popular that your traditional diet which is far more healthier.

Calvia radio
THE other-day I was a guest on Calvia Radio's new English language radio programme talking about my favourite subject, the Daily Bulletin. I must say that it was an enjoyable experience and Ken and Angela do seem to be very keen.

New TV blues
THE new government TV station, which will be launched next year, had announced that it would be using the same frequency as TV3 and Canal 33, which would have been a blow for us here because these two channels show plenty of programmes in the dual original version format. However, it was announced yesterday that we will be able to see the programmes after all, because the transmission frequencies are being changed and being made stronger. The new government TV station will be run on the same-lines as the BBC with a mixture of news and local programming.


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