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Spain's Serious Crime Squad is to bring its increased powers to the Balearic Islands.
State Prosecutor, Candido Conde-Pumpido, announced yesterday that he wants to give more powers to the elbow of the Serious Crime Squad to enable it to battle organised crime. Measures will include the naming of delegates in areas of the country where criminal activity is high, amongst them, the Balearics.

Speaking during a visit to Palma, Conde-Pumpido used the occasion to name the current public prosecutor on the Islands, Joan Carrau, as the Serious Crime Squad's representative who will assume these extra responsibilities.

The State Prosecutor claimed “Our Serious Crime Squad is a model for the whole of Europe to follow. It has highly sophisticated means of investigation which should be used to the full, and which I am going to empower even further to fight mafia-related crime.

Conde-Pumpido, who was accompanied by Chief Prosecutor Bartomeu Barcelo, was visiting Palma as part of a programme of establishing contacts with Spain's key prosecution figures.

He drew attention to the fact that as soon as he had taken up his position as State Prosecutor when the new Socialist government assumed power, he was informed about the restricted powers of the Prosecution service in the Balearics. Conde-Pumpido pointed out that the new head offices in Palma will be ready next year, as declared a few days ago by the Minister of Justice, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar. “The Prosecution service is made up of truly dedicated professionals, because the volume of work is really much greater than they should be having to cope with”, said Conde-Pumpido. “But it is a problem in other regions of Spain as well”.


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