Rules and regulations
IF you are planning to go fishing in the Balearics get a licence which is available from the local Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries. It costs six euros. But I was wondering whether tourists know it is illegal to fish without a licence or if the local authorities just turn a blind eye? Do they realise that this legislation exists or is just good old discrimination which states that only locals must have a licence? I believe that beachcombing using metal detectors is also illegal. I remember a case 10 years ago when a group of British tourists were detained, metal detectors and all, by the Guardia Civil. I think there is government legislation which states that anything found on the beach should be handed into the police. It might be an idea for the local authorities to inform tourists of this type of legislation otherwise it could all end in tears.

Cinemas, please note
I realise and appreciate that the local cinemas which show films in English are making an enormous effort and I do my best to support them. My only criticism is their choice of film. A classic example is the new Brit flick Wimbledon which has been a major success in the United Kingdom but isn't being shown in Palma, not even in Spanish. Calendar Girls, is also another example. Coming soon is the second part of Bridget Jones' Diary. I just hope that the cinemas are able to get a copy in English because I am sure that it would be a major success with the expatriate community.

Pensions department
I know that there ia great deal of discrimination when it comes to paying pensions and special allowances in Majorca from Britain. However, I was told the other day that the British pension service is very efficient and they have even agreed to pay British state pensions into Spanish bank accounts in euros to avoid the bank charges. This is certainly a step forward for many pensioners and will save them a few pennies. With the pound taking a dive against the euro, of late, it is certainly good news.

Euro millions
I along with many other people in our office every week did the euro-million lottery draw which was offering prices of up to 30 million euros. As you will know this draw is organised by the British, Spanish and French lotteries systems and tickets are available in all three countries. I do believe that it has now been extended to other countries. I gave up doing it because it was simply too difficult to win. During the three months that I bought a ticket religiously every Friday I think I only got two numbers right. As a result I have given up and so have many of my colleagues. I know it sounds stupid but perhaps the lottery companies just made it too difficult.

First word of Spanish
Iwas asked the other day what was the first word in Spanish which I could recall. As it was a long time ago I had to have a long hard think. And then I remember? The first word I can remember a Spanish person saying to me was Gibraltar!


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