Film appeal
MY appeal for more popular films in English (yesterday's column), has had a response. AMC Festival Park have announced that they will be showing the second part of Bridget Jones' Diary in English next month. They are also planning to always have a film in English. Good news, indeed. I am sure that we will all support their move.

Good or bad?
THE tourist industry were congratulating themselves yesterday on a good summer season. Visitors numbers are up. After all the mixed reports I'm still rather dubious. The number of British visitors has declined and the cut-priced holidays in Germany has meant that the number of German visitors has increased. Meanwhile, many businesses involved in the tourist industry are complaining saying that their takings are down. I think we should keep the champagne on ice.

Upbeat Conservatives
THE Conservative Party hasn't had much to cheer about over recent years but the local branch is certainly in an upbeat mood. This weekend they are welcoming former Minister Virginia Bottomley and her husband Peter. They are both MPs. Virginia Bottomley was once a high flyer in Conservative ranks and was a key member of John Major's team. On Saturday night the local Tories are holding a gala dinner at a yacht club in Palma and the two MPs are guests of honour. The Bottomleys will be attempting to drum-up support for the party cause ahead of the next election in Britain next year. It is amazing how important the expatriate vote is for the Conservative Party. As you will have seen elsewhere in the newspaper the Bulletin will be interviewing the pair on Saturday morning. If you have any questions please send them to us before Friday night. I would say that one of the burning issues will be just what the Conservatives intend to do to restore their fortunes. Britain needs a strong opposition at the moment and unfortunately the Conservative Party are not providing it.

BBC 3 blues
I read with interest that the British government has criticised the BBC's new digital channels, BBC3 and 4. On Monday night I tuned in to see for myself what BBC3 had to offer. I started with a repeat of struggling Eastenders which has completely lost the plot. There followed two comedy programmes which were so appalling under normal circumstance I would have switched off. The bases of their humour appeared to be using the “F” word quite liberally. While all government reports about the BBC, post Hutton, will always be controversial I found myself agreeing with the government. One of the most popular satellite TV channels at the moment is Uk Gold, and as we all know, its success is based on showing old BBC series. I am sure that BBC 3 would have more success if it showed repeats of Dad's Army and Are You Being Served than its disgraceful programming at the moment. I am one of the ten million people who have abandoned watching Eastenders and to repeat again later in the evening on BBC 3, was not a good move.

Top British films
I saw a recent survey of the top British films. Up there as usual was Gandhi and Lawrence of Arabia. I found myself agreeing with Jeremy Clarkson whose favourite British film is The Long Good Friday. I also noticed that none of the Bond films were listed. Incredible. I would say that my top five would be The Long Good Friday, Chariots of Fire, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Italian Job (the original), and Live And Let Die . That's my top choice. But what do I know. I only watch them! Queen Mary 2 Curiously enough the Queen Mary 2 will be docking at midday on Friday for all those who are interested.


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