Hippodrome closure

Horse trotting racing at Manacor hippodrome will be suspended for about two months due to the reform works on the track which began yesterday.
The change of drainage installations on the surface of the track where horse trotting racing is a regular feature, and alterations to the stabling and reception areas of the ground, will mean that no activity open to the public will be taking place until the end of November this year.

Details were confirmed yesterday by Pedro Quetglas, president of the Manacor hippodrome. The Balearic government is allocating 300'000 euros towards the project. Nevertheless, a new hippodrome in Manacor is planned for 2007.

Weekend fairs

The Association of Traders in Inca, in conjunction with the Town Council, has presented a programme for the three fairs which are traditionally celebrated on the weekends prior to Dijous Bo (Good Thursday) which this year will fall on 18 November.

There are no major changes to the format of the fairs which have been organised for many years now by the traders. Each fair is constructed round a different theme and includes plenty of sporting, social and cultural activities.

The first of the fairs will take place this weekend focussing on Balearic quality food and wine produce, flowers and plants and new technology. The wine festival will take place as usual and an Ensaïmada fair is new on the agenda.

The second fair on 31 October will be centred around “Sports, Leisure and Youth activities”. A key feature will be a Thoroughbred Horse Championship taking place in the Cuartel General Luque.

On 6 & 7 November, the streets of Inca will revert to mediaeval times with a period market and entertainment typical of the era.
Traditional dress

The Cultural Centre in Campos has organised an exhibition of classic Majorcan costumes which was opened yesterday in the Auditorium. It can be visited until this coming Sunday.

Women's awareness

Around 20 women in Consell are to take part in a new set of workshops, under the title “Espais de Dona” (Programme for Women) financed by the Town Council and the Balearic Institute for women. The schedule includes developing awarenes on subjects of health, self esteem, sexuality, and relations with children.

Fishing protection

Repeated complaints by individual fishermen and fishing associations from different ports on the Eastern side of the Island, including Porto Cristo and Portocolom have resulted in the government's Fishing directorate agreeing to conduct a study into the activities of some boats which may be guilty of trawling in unauthorised depths. Measures to prevent illegal trawling may include the construction of artificial reefs to protect the sea bed from boats which have bag shaped drag nets capable of reaching 90 metres. “If they carry out this activity in shallow water, less than 50 metres in depth, the practice will simply wipe out all marine life” said government Fishing department director, Miquel Angel Calvino.


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