K Botanical garden

T he ethnology park in Caimari is also to become a botanical garden for species of plants and trees native to the Balearic Islands. In total, 68 species have been planted, the majority having come from the Menut nurseries in Escorca.

Each variety will be properly labelled and identified with information plaques. An artifical lake has also been built which will play host to plants which are most typical of the Islands' wetland areas. “It seems that the majority of plants have taken root, so in the coming years,, the physical appearance of the park will change completely” said Caimari's mayor, Pere Segui, at the end of last week.

K New School

T he regional ministry of Education has authorised Pollensa Town Council to build a new school on land owned by the local authority located between the port and the sports stadium, and not in Llenaire as had originally been planned. Pollensa's mayor, Joan Cerdà, confirmed on Friday that the necessary paperwork is underway to license the construction.

K Underground traffic

The Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM) in Manacor has called for the pedestrianisation of the area between the train station and Plaza sa Mora, two points which are currently split up by a busy dual carriageway. “Manacor should be a town which invites local people and visitors alike to walk about. The highway which presently divides the train station from Plaza sa Mora is not conducive to such activity”, reads one of the many propositions which the PSM have put before an Island-wide, town planning council.

The Majorca Socialists suggest that putting a section of the roadway underground would solve the problem, an alternative which would “not inconvenience people who want to approach the station by car because they can do so instead by the north circular roundabout.

K Government battle

T he ruling Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM) in Petra is intending to take the Balearic government to court for “obstructing projects we have for the town which they say they will subsidize”, said local mayor Joan Font.

The fury of the town's leading councillor has been triggered over a period of time by three pending payments from the Balearic government which are yet to receive final approval. One is for 115'000 euros for street paving, another is for 165'000 euros for a Day centre and the third is for 6'000 euros for changing the street lighting system.

The hold up, says Font, is due to paperwork backing the cases for subsidy being due prior to 15 November for one project and prior to 30 November for the other two. The ministry hasn't provided us with any signatures and without that, we can't put the works out to contract”.

K Theme Park divisions

T he news that a theme park is to be built by The Theme Park Group on the Can Vairet estate, between Son Ferrer and El Toro, has created a considerable amount of political debate in Calvia, with opinions for and against. Hoteliers are much in favour, but traders are complaining of lack of information and expressing uncertainty about how their businesses will be affected.


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