Tory Call Centre in Majorca
LEAVING politics to one side I had a most enjoyable evening on Saturday at the Club de Mar restaurant as a guest of the Conservatives Abroad who had organised a gala dinner for their visiting MPs Peter and Virginia Bottomley. It was very well organised and full marks to Chairman Peter Newey. During the evening Virginia Bottomley suggested that establishing a Conservative Party call centre manned by the Majorcan faithfull for the British general election next year wouldn't be a bad idea. Well, I suppose if the major British banks can establish call centres in the Far East why can't the Tories have one in Majorca? One thing you have to give the Conservative Party credit for is that they are willing to cross all frontiers to get their message across.

Paseo Maritimo traffic
I also discussed with a number of readers of this column the idea I muted on Friday about the possibility of closing one side of the Paseo Maritimo to traffic and transform it into a giant leisure park. I was told that it was not possible because of all the traffic. Which is a good point. Although the Paseo Maritimo was closed to traffic on Sunday for the whole morning and it didn't cause too many problems. Just a thought.

Congratulation Anna
MANY congratulations to Bulletin columnist Anna Nicholas for completing the Palma International Marathon on Sunday. A major feat. We are all very proud of Anna at the Bulletin.

International chess
THE Chess Olympics in Calvia is certainly getting plenty of publicity at the moment. Newspapers as far afield as the Far East are all talking about the tournament and effectively giving the island some well deserved publicity. It is amazing what you can do when you show some imagination.

Tourism blues
Iread with interest Mike Lillico's letter to the editor on Sunday saying that he was confused over whether the island had a good holiday season or not. Join the club. It's incredible the amount of mixed messages you get from the tourist industry. But there is a way to tell. If the number of new cars on the road falls and there is a dip in the shop sales you can certainly say that it has been a poor season.

The weather
There are plenty of things to moan about in Majorca at the moment but the weather isn't one of them. What a fantastic weekend weather wise. I have never known such great weather in October. Let's just hope that it continues. I did feel sorry, however, for some of the marathon runners, it wasn't ideal weather for them, but you can't please everyone. Summer weather in the autumn, I am sure that competing resorts in the East Mediterranean can't offer that. The Palma Met Office has already said that it has been one of the hottest Octobers on record.


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