Zoo controversy

THE local mayor in Muro, Miquel Ramis has said: “The Council of Majorca should be a point of reference for all political groups no matter what their colours. It seems to me that the Council has not acted correctly by awarding the official status of a project of “General Interest” to the construction of a zoo in Son Sant Marti”.

The move to set up a zoo has come in spite of opposition to the project from consultant technicians in both the local Town Council and on the Council of Majorca.

Jaume Perelló, spokesman for the Majorcan Union party in Muro defended the project: “The Council of Majorca says that the lands where the zoo will be built are currently not licensed for building, but if the project goes ahead, the status of the ground can be altered”.

Majorcan Socialist deputy, Pau Mateu Vives answered: “It would seem that sometimes the advice of technicians is valid, and at other times, it isn't”.
New development

THE draft plans for Inca's new industrial estate received initial approval at the last meeting of the Town Council from the ruling government team (Partido Popular) but with abstention from the Opposition.

Of the land allocated for private use within the development, 25.64 percent is destined for recreational and cultural leisure activity.
The government team had previously announced their intention to set aside up to 30 percent of the terrain for such use, expecting that some night life, such as a cinema centre, might be focussed on the new estate, to make up for the lack of such activity elsewhere in the town.

The new industrial estate, which will measure 369'679.80 square metres and house between 200 and 300 companies, will be situated on the strip of land between the present highway and the future south bypass, from the Inca motorway to the Constancia football field. “Lollipop” to stay

THE water regulator structure which stands astride the heights of Xorrigo alongside the Palma to Manacor highway, is to stay put inspite of the current road widening works being carried out by the Council of Majorca.

Popularly known as the “lollipop” by drivers who use the Manacor highway on a daily basis, it had been assumed that this familiar landmark would have to be demolished.

The Council has nevertheless confirmed that it will remain at the side of the highway because it is still functioning as a water supply control point for the housing development at Son Gual. Were the structure to be built in the present day, it would probably never obtain planning permission because of its visual impact on the surrounding countryside, but over the years, it has been accepted with something akin to affection by people who see it most days of their lives.

Torrents of improvement

THE Administration Board of the Balearic Water and Energy Institute (Ibaen) has approved a series of clearing and upgrading projects for selected torrents (water courses) across the Island. Those earmarked for improvement work include the torrents in Manacor; s'Estret torrent in Alaro; Sant Miquel which crosses the municipalities of Buger, Campanet and Sa Pobla; and Can Alou in Felanitx. Funds set aside for the work total 7'641'816 euros.


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