Juvenile violence

MAJORCAN Socialists on Inca Town Council have called on the mayor, Pere Rotger to hold an urgent meeting of the area's Education Council “to seek solutions to the recent growth in activity of violent gangs of youths, as well as to extortion and theft in school centres”.

Outcry at back tax on drainage

THE Town Council in Deya has finally put out demands for collecting sewage and drainage service rates which have been put on hold for four years pending a Court judgement.

Last October, the local ruling government team, the Partido Popular, announced that the legal ruling had come down in favour of the Town Council and had given the go-ahead for the recovery of the drainage service rates since 2001.

The high cost of the local tax has caused an outcry amongst local residents who have already held a meeting with the Opposition on the Council.
Lluc Oliver, Majorcan Union (UM) spokesman, said that in response to complaints from local people, he had called for a special meeting of the Council to be held today. UM are to ask that the residents be allowed to amortise the whole debt, interest free, over a period of ten years.

New music school

T HE opening of the long-awaited Municipal School of Music and dance in Manacor this coming 19 December, is to become the key feature of Christmas festivities which the Council is organising this year.

The school is finally to open its doors after nearly two years of construction work in the building which previously housed the old Agrarian Chamber. It will have an audience hall capable of seating 60 people and a large dance hall.

Christmas celebrations this year will begin this coming Saturday with the switching on of festive street lights and a performance by the municipal music band in plaza de sa Bassa in the centre of Manacor.

New specialists

AS of 18 November this year, the primary health care centre in Montuïri has been offering a pediatric consultancy specialising in children's and young people's ailments.

The service is the result of long-term appeals by local people who previously had to go to Vilafranca for attention. The department is open from 3-5pm every Thursday.

Adoption support

THE Town Council in Calvia is to allocate 11'665 euros to four families resident in the municipality who have adopted children from overseas.
The funds “aim to help the families with the high cost of carrying out such an operation”.
Roman remains ruled out

AN environmental study carried out on the grounds which have been set aside for the future school in the Port of Pollensa have ruled out the existence of possible remains of the ancient Roman town of Bocchoris in the area.

The results were confirmed by local mayor, Joan Cerdà at the last Council meeting this week.
The report says that the construction of the new school on the land between the Port Institute and the Sports stadium “will not have a significant impact on the surroundings”.

The study does, however, urge that technicians ensure that the torrent (water course) in the vicinity is sufficiently able to carry away heavy rainfall in order to prevent flooding in the new building.

Separately, a recommendation was made for some protected palm plants to be removed from the new site before construction work began.


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