Calvia Christmas truce
THE warring factions on the Calvia council have decided to call a Christmas truce. Calvia Mayor Carlos Delgado, of the conservative Partido Popular, has a majority thanks to the support of the Majorcan Union Party, led by their single councillor Isidre Cañellas. But all is not well within the coalition, formed following the local elections. Last week Cañellas voted with the opposition socialist party not to push ahead with a full investigation into the spending of former Mayor Margarita Najera. The socialists have 10 councillors and the Partido Popular have a similar number, so Cañellas' support can give either party a majority. Delgado was obviously not too impressed with Cañellas although both sides have decided to call a truce and discuss their coalition in the New Year. The Mayor is even willing to change the terms of the pact. This is the first time ever that the Partido Popular has been in power in Calvia. Mayor Margarita Najera reigned supreme for many years and she resigned following their defeat at the local elections. But Calvia's Iron Lady is still causing some problems. The fact that Cañellas jumped ship on an important vote is quite an interesting state of affairs and will certainly be giving Mayor Delgado something to think about as he eats his turron over Christmas.

Wedding capital
I read with interest Revd. Robert Ellis' report in yesterday's Bulletin which stated that Majorca was rapidly becoming the wedding capital of the Mediterranean. It's not suprising though, it's probably one of the few things you can do on a Sunday in Majorca as everything else is closed See my Viewpoint of today! Big Brother and the European Constitution
WE'VE had normal Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother and now we've got Big Brother and the European Constitution. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero alias the Diplomat is rather concerned that he won't win the referendum on the European Constitution next year. So what has he done? ...He has called on Big Brother. Now I have watched Big Brother in both English and Spanish and I have great trouble in understanding any of the contestants. Can you imagine them trying to explain the European Constitution? This plan forms part of Zapatero's plan to get rid of rubbish TV in Spain. A bold move. So in other words what he has done is used rubbish TV for his own means. If he was serious about cleaning up Spanish TV he would scrap Big Brother and have an open debate on the Constitution asking viewers for their views and putting his case across to the public.

TV Blues
I have come to the conclusion that in Britain's New Nanny State you are not meant to watch television. I have come to this conclusion after looking at the Christmas TV guide. They are not even showing Zulu. Christmas Day consists of numerous episodes of the ailing Eastenders which is about as credible as David Blunkett.

The solution
I fully support the Balearic government's new plan for 100 percent hotel occupancy in forthcoming summers. Basically, what they appear to be doing is dynamating a large number of hotels. That will almost certainly work. Less hotels, higher occupancy, everyone happy. Unless you are an employee of a hotel destined for the chop, of course.


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