Real money

T HE saga of crisis in the artificial pearl company “Majorica” has taken a new turn. The regional minister for Commerce, Industry and Energy, Josep Juan Cardona, has reporteded that company representatives have contacted his department by telephone to confirm that they have made a transference of four million euros to increase capital investment in the organisation. The move is one of the key commitments required under an agreement with the Balearic government to keep “Majorica” afloat.

The transference substitutes a cheque drawn on an American bank, a copy of which was faxed to the government last week, that could not be cashed in Majorca.

Cardona was speaking after a meeting held in Palma with Cristofol Huget, head of Employment on the Council of Majorca; the mayor of Manacor; and representatives from “Majorica's” Works Committee and Union groups.

Road improvement

THE Council of Majorca has begun enlargement and reform works on the road which links Son Carrió and Port Cristo. Funds set aside for the project total 200'000 euros. The road is very narrow and although classified as a secondary highway, it supports a high density of traffic, above all in summer.

Director of the Council's Highway department, Gonzalo Aguiar, indicated that “principally, we aim to improve the surfacing, bends, and the road edging”. He said that as it stands at present, the route is too narrow so plans are for it to be widend by a meter and a half. It is envisaged that the work will be complete within three months.

Cemetery enlargements

S TUDIES have begun to act as a basis for cemetery enlargement in Algaïda, Randa and Pina. Data needs to be gathered on chapel, tomb, and urn niche requirements before final projects get underway.

K Beata celebration

T HE Bishop of Majorca, Jesús Murgui, presided over a Eucharist service in Sencelles on Tuesday, marking the start of a series of commemorative acts to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the death of Beata Sor Francinaina and the 154th anniversary of the founding of the Convento de la Caridad.

Francinaina Cirer, was born in Sencelles on 1 June 1781 into a well-to-do farming family. She lost her three brothers and her mother early in life, and in 1821, she remained alone after the death of her father. Aged 70, Francinaina decided to dedicate her life to God. She founded the Convento de la Caridad, using all her wordly goods to finance it. She died four years later on 27 February, 1855. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1989.

Crossed lines

GETTING through to friends and loved ones on the phone this Christmas may provide a nightmare for local people in Ariany. Their patience is being sorely tested by crossed telephone wires which has resulted in their accessing unknown households, in spite of the fact that the number is repeatedly dialled correctly.


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