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THE workers trade union, Stei, at the Soller Train company, has warned of the dangers for the maintenance workers who repair the railway lines caused by the presence of syringes and veterinary products dumped there.

The union claims that dangerous situations arise due to the dozens of syringes and medical products that are left on the railway lines. These products have been found next to the wall that divides the railway lines from the Son Pardo racetrack.

The drugs are in fact medicines that are administered to animals and it is suspected, although as yet there is no proof, that they have originated from one of the stables at the racetrack.

Aside from finding out the person responsible for throwing away these products, the trade union believes that as well as the danger for the maintenance workers, who run the danger of pricking themselevs on one of the syringues, there could also be a problem for the environment.

The trade union plans to alert the environment ministry, the ministry of labour inspectors and the Public Prosecutors, hoping that they will launch an investigation into the possibility of a crime against the environment.

The maintenance workers often work in the evening and they sometimes have to work close to the lines in order to find the fault and repair faults, informs the trade union.

For these reasons, they are warning that workers run risks when they have to fix a line behind the Son Pardo racetrack. One of them could easily be pricked by one of the needles lying around that has been used to inject an animal.

The union says that as the content and composition of these products has not yet been determined, the person who is pricked by a syringe could suffer a serious infection.

Therefore, the trade union representatives are asking for the Soller train company to take the necessary safety measures to avoid these dangers that the workers are faced with currently.

They are also asking Council of Majorca, who own the racetrack, to intervene in the matter.


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