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A set of Scottish bagpipes, 120 years old and valued at some 5'000 euros were robbed on 22 November following a concert at the Olive fair in Caimari.
Musician Brian, belonging to the Bedford Pipe band from the United Kingdom, was momentarily distracted but the theft of the bagpipes, which had belonged to his great, great, great, grandfather, was committed within an instant.

Groups of bagpipe players from around Majorca where the musical tradition of playing the xeremiers is also popular, have acted in solidarity with Brian's plight and called for the instrument to be returned to Selva Town Hall or for anyone who has information on its whereabouts to ring the Albopas Association on 639-337086.

The Guardia Civil meanwhile, are on the lookout for the stolen property, warning antique dealers that someone might try to sell them the bagpipes or even get money for them at a car boot sale.

Carles Amengual, a xeremier (bagpipe player), reported yesterday that Brian had been seriously disheartened by the theft, particularly as the bagpipes had been more than a hundred years within his family, passed down from generation to generation.

The Scotsman has returned to his country and awaits a miracle.


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