by Staff Reporter
THE Palma city council had expected to collect 256 million euros from various sources this year, but nearly 30 per cent (76 million euros) is still owing.

One of the biggest debtors is the central government. And one of the most controversial sums it owes is 3.3 million euros for the Sa Riera park, the ambitious green belt which is already under construction.

In its budget at the beginning of the year, the city council expected to receive 73.7 million euros in State taxes, but so far, only 36.8 million euros has been received.

It is also owed 450'759 euros from the finance ministry for the excellence in tourism plan and a further 141'161 euros from the environment ministry for diverse subsidies.

But the central government is not the only debtor.
The Balearic government owes 3.2 million euros, the Social Services Institute nearly one million, and just over 900'000 euros under the excellence in tourism plan.

One of the most controversial amounts is 1.9 million euros from the Council of Majorca under the works and services plan. But Miquel Angel Flaquer, the Council's finance chief said that this amount should never have been included in the budget, as there was no guarantee that it was going to be paid.

He pointed out that the Works and Services plan has a global budget of only 10.8 million euros for the entire island and it was never feasible that Palma should receive 1.9 million euros.

He also said that the Plan was to aid municipalities which had few resources which is not the case of Palma.


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