K Plant investment

THE Balearic Institute for Drainage and Water Treatment (Ibasan) is to invest seven million euros in the municipality of Santanyi. The most important item on the project agenda is the extension and reform of the sewage treatment plant in Cala D'Or which will eat into approximately six million euros of the total spent. The works could begin before the end of 2005.

Agreements firming up the works to be carried out were signed during a visit to Santanyi made at the end of this week by Joan Crespi, Water Resources director of the regional Environment ministry. Also putting pen to paper on the day was the local mayor, Miquel Vidal. The Town Council is to make 8'878 square metres of land available for the Cala D'Or treatment plant extension.

K Pearl company rescue

BALEARIC government spokesman, Joan Flaquer, said at the end of this week that the decision for or against government intervention in the refloating of the artificial pearl company, “Majorica”, is not only a matter for regional authorities but according to Company Law, is also one to be taken by the central government in Madrid.

Responding to a call by the General Workers' Union (UGT) for immediate government assistance for the beleaguered company based in Manacor, Flaquer said that regardless of what decision Madrid came to, the Balearic government would do “everything it could” to uphold production and the viability of “Majorica” in the Balearics. The Unions are concerned that without help, the company will be snapped up by an Asian company and that its manufacturing installations will then be moved overseas.

K Tree Planting

STUDENTS from the first and fourth years of Josep Maria Llompart secondary school in Escorca planted shoots of 30 new trees on the Pla (plain) of Cuber this week as part of a project to reforest the area which houses one of the Island's two largest reservoirs.

Working in two groups, the students weeded out dead vegetation and replaced them with young elm and ash trees. The Balearic Forest Association which has the backing of regional Environment ministry, was in charge of the tree planting activity.

The group has been working in this part of the Island since 1995 and has planted 2'000 trees with the help of nearly 1'000 people.
K Drugs and vandalism

A total of 107 local residents in the area of calle Felip II in Inca, have signed an official complaint which was lodged at the end of this week with the Town Council, concerning “a group of youths” recently behaving “abusively” in the neighbourhood.

According to those complaining, the youths have been “taking drugs in full public view, including in front of children”. Other anti-social behaviour has purportedly included creating a nuisance at front door answering devices, noisy motorcycle races, “the production of a large quantity of rubbish strewn throughout the area” (bags, cans, packing, condoms), and rude confrontation with residents.

Parents of the accused youngsters have defended their children denying that they take part in such hooliganism, instead saying that they meet up on motorcycles because there are few other places to go, but they (the youths) “don't make a nuisance of themselves”.

Concern over such incidents, including violence in schools, has grown over the last few weeks to the point where Opposition groups on the Town Council have called for a meeting with the municipal Education Board.


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