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TEMPERATURES dropped by 4ºC yesterday, the first day of winter, compared to Monday. For example, the maxium temperature at Lluc monastery at noon yesterday was 9ºC, when on Monday it had been 13ºC.

The temperature at Palma-Porto Pi also dropped by four degrees, to 13ºC.
And snow was seen to fall on the Puig Major, the island's highest mountain, although it did not settle. However, snow is expected to fall today above 900 metres.

Up to noon yesterday and during the previous 24 hours, there had not been much rain, the heaviest being 5.5 litres per square metre in Palma-Porto Pi, five litres at Minorca airport, three in Lluc and four in Alfabia. Heavy rain can be expected today, although it weather will probably brighten during the morning, and the improvement will continue through Thursday and Friday.

Christmas day will be “a day of transition” and the weather is expected to worsen, while Sunday, according to the weatherman, will be a typical winter day: cold, rainy and probably with snow in the highest mountains.

Yesterday's drop in temperature was notable and people were muffled up more than on previous days.
The rain caused the usual traffic problems in the streets of Palma, where even the slightest rainfall slows down the traffic, but drivers went carefully and there were no accidents.


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