New sewage farm

THE town council has acquired three hectares of land on the Son Fam estate to build the first sewage farm of Sa Calobra, one of the most popular beauty spots on the island. The land is some distance from the built up area and is close to the port. The council had offered Ibasan (the ministry of the environment department responsible for sewage works) land two years ago, but it was not accepted as it was affected by the Shores Act. Now Ibasan will study the new plot and draw up plans for the sewage farm. Sa Calobra has a stable population of about 60 people, but in summer it attracts thousands of tourists. At present, sewage is pumped to a primitive treatment plant and finally to an underwater outlet.

Change of Mayor

ANTONI Mulet of the Partido Popular (PP) will become Mayor on February 3, replacing Guillem Ferriol of the Majorcan Union (UM) party. This is the result of a pact between the two parties in August 2003, when they joined forces with the Mixed Group to oust Mayor Martí Ferriol of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) through a motion of censure. After the May 2003 elections, the list of candidates headed by Ferriol received the most votes, but not enough to enable it to govern alone. He was elected Mayor because the other parties failed to reach agreement among themselves, but ruled in a minority. Guillem Ferriol will chair his last plenary session as Mayor on Thursday.

End of black spot

THE Council of Majorca will get rid of a notorious accident black spot in Porreras, where there have been three fatal accidents and various other crashes since 2001. It is at the cemetery junction, which will be converted into a roundabout. Firms have until January 25 to submit their offers. The budget is 470'000 euros. All the accidents at this spot have been blamed on poor visibility. It is a busy junction as it is on the road to Palma and is used by lorries going to the nearby quarries.


THE mobile telephone operators in Spain, which includes the three most powerful firms in the sector (Telefónica Móviles, Amena and Vodafone) have sent a message to the residents of Vilafranca, asking them to stay calm, and claiming there is no relation between phone antennae and an increase in cases of cancer. As reported yesterday, residents of Vilafranca are collecting signatures for a petition to have two antennae removed from the roof of a building in the town centre, alleging they are responsible for an increase in cancer. The operators are
Bike Day

RESIDENTS will be invited to get on their bikes today for the second Bike Day organised by the local cycling club, Unió Ciclista, with the backing of the town hall. This year, a barbecue will be laid on for those taking part, a council spokesman said. The Bike Day is scheduled to start at 10.30am in the Plaza de Sant Joan.