News desk FIFTY clubs in Calvia have set up a committee to organise fund-raising events to aid the South East Asia tsunami victims. The sale of stickers with the slogan “I've helped, have you?” for one euro each. Collection boxes in shops, hotels, supermarkets, club houses, etc. A soccer match between a team of Calvia footballers and a team of club members, with all gate money going to the tsunami victims. Collections during the St Anthony celebrations. The opening of a bank account at La Caixa (2100 0713 220200031596) where donations can be deposited. A radio marathon in which various well known people will ask listeners for donations. A one euro chain. An activity proposed by the neighbourhood association of Son Ferrer, for all those who want to take part by contributing one euro. This activity will take place in Son Ferrer.

Among the events organised for the next two months are:

Each of the clubs (cultural centres, pensioners clubs, sports clubs, neighbourhood associations) will also organise other activities on their own, such as bingo sessions.

For its part, the town council is working on the organisation of a megaconcert in aid of the tsunami victims.
The date, venue and artists taking part will be announced at a later date.
The council will also provide the infrastructure needed for the various events organised by the clubs.
The committee was set up at a meeting in the Calvia town hall where it was decided that all the funds raised would be channelled through the Red Cross.

The meeting was chaired by Teresa Martorell, the deputy mayor in charge of the social welfare and citizen participation department.
Those attending were given a draft of the statutes of a new Municipal Cooperation and International Solidarity Council, and asked for their proposals. This council will be able to take immediate action following a natural catastrophe abroad or a state of emergency locally.

It is due to be formally constituted within a maximum of two months.