Staff reporter PEDRO Antonio was last night in Palma prison where he is being held in custody accused of homicide. The prime suspect in the death of his Slovakian girlfriend Veronika Kovaloska appeared before a remand hearing in Manacor yesterday and the judge ruled that the 29-year-old construction worker from Jaen be held in prison.

Kovaloska was killed by a fatal blow to the head and not as a result of falling from the balcony of the second-floor apartment they shared in the seaside resort of Cala d'Or.

According to court sources, having studied the police and forensic evidence which contradicted Pedro Antonio's statement and claim that she threw herself off the balcony, the judge decided to charge the 29-year-old with homicide.

Veronika Kovaloska died on Sunday morning at around 6.30 and Pedro Antonio told the Guardia Civil, that his girlfriend committed suicide.
However, the autopsy results on Tuesday revealed that she died from a blow to the front of the head. The veins on her wrists had also been slashed and four of her teeth had been broken.

The body was found underneath the balcony of their apartment face up and did not show the typical injuries sustained from a seven-meter fall.
The Slovakian lodger who shared the flat told police that the couple had been arguing the day before Veronika Kovaloska's death.