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FOUR doctors and 16 nurses from the Balearic Islands will join the 1'127 Spanish health professionals who have been offered employment at National Health Hospitals in the United Kingdom
This project began last March and as well as offering the Spanish health workers excellent wages, almost double to what they earn on the islands, they also get the chance for further training and qualifications.

The main reasons that the UK Government is seeking to employ Spanish doctors and nurses, is because of the good training that the Spanish health professionals have received so far, and also because of their lower wages, making it an ideal opportunity for Britain, according to Lisa Pertegla, who has been co-ordinating the work programme. In return the UK health system, which currently has a shortage of doctors and nurses, will be able to treat more patients.

The health professionals from the Balearic Islands who are relocating to the UK for work represents 1.4 percent of the total number of Spanish workers making the move.

Language will be one of their main disadvantages and the first three months will be an adaption period for them. “There will be lots of support for these Spanish workers, they will be helped to adapt to the language and they will also be helped to get used to the new health system”, Pertegla said. She also commented that most of those opting to work in the UK already have a high or average level of English. If they did not already have this, they could find it “very difficult” to adapt to their new lifestyle.


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