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MORE then 700 families of the Pullman, Panam's and Randa buildings in Cala Mayor will present the city council with their complaints against the Special Reform Plan (PERI) for Cala Mayor and San Agustin today.

Under the plan, the buildings are due to be expropriated and demolished, and blocks of subsidised housing built on the sites.
There will be a total of 89 of these subsidised flats.
The neighbours allege that the expropriations are “inadmissable” and show discrimination against the owners compared to other owners in the area.
A spokesman for the residents of the building, Miguel Jiménez, said that “we feel that what the city council is doing is unfair to the people who live in these buildings.” He went on to say that most of the occupants were retired people, young people, and professionals who want to find a provisional home from where they can conduct their business.

He added “We have no delinquency, or insecurity, as has been alleged in some media. Even the King's security guards have stayed here.” Owner Candido Pena said “we feel it is discriminatory to throw us out when there are buildings on the same street which won't be touched.” He pointed out that the buildings had hundreds of flats of just 25 to 30 square metres. They were bought for 84'000 to 105'000 euros, he said, while the ground floor flats sell for 65'000. A fair price, he added, would average around 85'000 euros, but the council is offering just 5'000 euros. “We ask the council not to expropriate, but if they do, then at least let them pay a just price for each flat,” he said yesterday.
Manuel López, chairman of the Panam's buildings, said “we will defend our rights all the way, going to court if neccessary. “For the time being, we will present our objections, so that they will be taken into account. At least we hope that they will.” In the meantime, the general feeling among the occupants is one of nervousness.


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