A BAND consisting of 20 adolescents, aged between 15 and 17 years, has been broken up by the National Police, who are all being accused of alledegly robbing innocent people by using violence and intimidation, which has mostly taken place on the stairs that joins Plaza Mediterráneo with the Paseo Maritimo.

Currently, six youngsters involved in this band, have been arrested by the police and placed in the custody of the Underage Public Prosecutor. Another 14 youngsters have been identified for these crimes and police officers are still looking for them.

The robberies were usually carried out in the early hours of the morning and mainly at weekends or on bank holidays in those areas where there are a lot of bars and restaurants. The victims were alledegly swarmed by the band, who then threatened the victims with a beating or even by being cut with knives, whilst the youngsters robbed them of all their valuables (money, mobiles, jewellery, watches etc..).

The modus operandi of the band was the following: a group of them would wait in the outskirts of the Plaza Meditterráneo in order to ambush the victims, whilst another group waited at the foot of the stairs on the Paseo maritimo. In this way, the youngsters were able to rob and trick their victims, and the victims were powerless to do anything in the face of 20 youngsters with knives.

CURRENTLY there are alledegly twelve crimes of robbery that have been committed in this area and attributed to the work of this band of 20 youngsters. Six of these have so far been arrested by the Police, and police officers are still looking for the remaining fourteen youngsters who are alledegly involved in these crimes. All the victims who have come forward and reported the crime, said they felt powerless to stop the humiliating crime, and they handed over their valuables before receiving further threats.


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