By Staff Reporter
THE shortage of boat moorings in the Balearics has reached almost crisis levels with the Balearic government stating yesterday that there are now 3'000 boat owners waiting for berths.

But the Balearic Government announced yesterday that no new marinas would be built in Majorca without the green light from the Council of Majorca. Environmentalists have long campaigned against the contruction of new yacht clubs claiming that they destroy the environment. The business community, on the other hand, claims that the shortage of moorings is ruining the nautical industry and effectively strangling its development. Also, the islands are facing major competition from yacht clubs in the Eastern Mediterranean which are allegedly cheaper and offer more services than those in the Balearics.

The local government also approved yesterday the new Balearic Marina Law which will govern the lucrative nautical industry in the Balearics. As a result a new data-base of all boat and mooring owners will be created by the Balearic government. “This will allow us to get a clear insight into the state of the nautical industry and this way we will also be able to know who is buying and who is selling,” said a spokesperson. The Balearic marina law will also allow the various yacht clubs to boost the services they offer. At the moment the Balearic Government controls a total of 13 yacht clubs with a total of 2.940 moorings while a further 28 yacht clubs and almost 10'000 moorings are administrated by Balearic government-granted concessions. The local ministry for tourism has maintained for many years that the nautical sector is key to the local tourist industry.


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