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ISIDRE Cañellas is the first Deputy Mayor of Calvia, in charge of the finance department. He is also chairman of the local branch of the Majorcan Union (UM) party.

Q. What is the state of the pact to rule Calvia with the Partido Popular (PP)?
A. We have had meetings to make headway with the budget and we will meet again next week to discuss the pact.
Q. Will the PP and UM continue together until the end of the legislature?
A. It is our intention to reach the end, but in politics it is impossible to say what we'll be doing next week.
Q. Differences between the two seem to be growing in frequency...
A. There will always be some friction. The PP and UM are two parties with different sensitivities and different points of view.
Q. UM was going to vote against the theme park in Can Vairet. Do you think there is any chance of it being built in Calvia?
A. It is years since new tourist attractions have been created, and we have to do something to compete with other destinations. What happens is that a project of this size must be built on a solid base, and everything about the theme park is confused. Information reached us through the press and in a tendentious manner. The presentation was made in such a way that we could only vote against it.


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