Complaints about water

THIRTY residents of the Son Agullo and Argela areas of Binissalem have asked the town council to analyse the wells in the area, as they believe they are polluted. They claim that the contamination comes from the lagoons at Can Figuera, which are fed by excess treated water from the sewage farm, which may contain traces of heavy metal. The neighbours claim that two people have been hospitalised with stomach problems and others have felt unwell, and they blame this on the water. They are also demanding improvements to the tertiary treatment of water which is allowed to run into the Can Figuera lagoons, and has seeped into their wells. One neighbour claimed that two years ago, Seprona, the nature protection service, analysed the water and banned its use for watering crops as it was polluted. Mayor Miquel Nadal of the PSOE (Majorcan Socialist Workers Party) confirmed that pollution had been found in the Son Agulló and Argela wells and said that he would hold a meeting with the neighbours. The Mayor also said that he would inform the environment ministry of the residents' concerns and promised that further analyses would be made to determine the source of the pollution.

New picnic area

THE Sa Comuna area of Lloret has a new picnic and recreational area, built by the Balearic environment ministry at a cost of 47'800 euros. There are ten tables with benches, eight barbecue grills, a green point for rubbish, children's playground and toilet facilities. Mayor Joan Jaume said that thanks to these facilities, it would now be easier to control the area, reducing the risk of fire caused by people setting up barbecues anywhere they fancied. According to the environment ministry a million people a year use the 30 picnic areas there are in Majorca and minister Jaume Font said he hoped that the number would reach 40 before the end of the legislature. This year, his department plans to open new picnic areas in Llubi, Selva and Fornalutx.

Aid for improvements

THE town council has received 75'000 euros to make improvements to streets in the town centre. The money will be used to repair pavements and eliminate architectural barriers. Underground tubes will also be installed so that the roads will not have to be dug up again for the installation of electricity or phone cables. The drainage will also be improved. The money has been provided by the Council of Majorca, and the balance, 45'000 euros, will be provided by the town council.

Road widening

THE PSM (Majorcan Socialist Party) has called on the Council of Majorca to carry out improvements to the PM 323, between Sant Joan and Sineu. The work consists of widening the road and straightening some of the bends. The project had been postponed by the Council after a first proposal was rejected in Sineu because of its impact on the environment. Catalina Gaya, PSM councillor in Sant Joan, said yesterday that the road is so narrow in some places that it is practically impossible for two cars to pass while heavy lorries often have safety problems. She also said that it was particularly dangerous for school transport. Antoni Alorda, the PSM spokesman on the Council of Majorca, agreed with her.


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