Baby gifts

SPONGES, feeding bottles, a dummy, a baby blanket, baby cologne, bars of soap, combs etc...From the beginning of this year babies who are born in Llubí will be given this basket of gifts. This is a 100 euro gift parcel being given by the Llubí town council in order to promote more births in the town. “We know that people are not going to simply have children because of this gift, but it is a little detail that will help to cut down those costs involved in having a baby”, said the Mayor, Tomàs Campaner. Llubí has a population of 2'015 and most of these are elderly people. The town has a low birth rate. “Each year between 15 and 20 babies are born in this town. From the beginning of this year, all parents who register births in the town will walk away with a family book and this basket of gifts”, said Tomás Campaner. So far two babies have been born this year in Llubí and they have both been given this present. The pregnant women living in the town will save money that they would have usually spent on goods for their newborn baby in the first couple of months. The town council has made sure that all the gifts in the basket are of top quality. The council hopes that this initiative will be well received by the residents in Llubí.

Exam cancelled

A judge has cancelled the announcement of a competitive exam to fill 18 places on the Local Police force in Calvia. He ruled that the announcement, on July 8, 2004, did not comply with law, as it infringed Article 14 of the Constitution (which deals with equality). The complaint had been filed by the Workers Commissions trade union. The council now has 15 days in which to appeal. The judge based his ruling on a clause which said that only experience in police service in Calvia would be taken into consideration. Experience in police forces in other parts of the island should have equal consideration, the judge said.

Fashion walk

AROUND 150 students from three schools in Calvia (Santa Ponsa, Son Ferrer and Bendinat) have organised a fashion walk for this evening called “Fashion Victims”, which will raise money for their travel studies and for the tsunami relief fund. It will take place tonight at 8pm at the Gran Casino Mallorca. Tickets will cost five euros and one euro per ticket will be donated to the victims of the tsunami at the end of December, said a spokesperson for the town council. This will be the second time that the pupils have carried out a similar project in order to raise money. Everything has been organised by the pupils, choreography, sets etc. The clothes they will wear are the clothes they wear normally.

New golf course

THE environmental group GOB yesterday claimed that the Ministry for the Environment has put a stop on the proceedings to incorporate the Son Bosc area within the Nature Park in s'Albufera, so that a new golf course can be built in the area. GOB is accusing the department of shirking its responsibilites to protect the area and allowing a group of hoteliers “with town council backing” to develop a new golf course. This new course could lead to the destruction of some animal species and eco systems. The Muro town council agreed in 2003 to incorporate the Son Bosc area within the Nature Park, a decision that the council is now backing out of. The council has gone to the Council of Majorca to ask them to declare a golf course of public interest in this area. The environmental group allege the Minister for the Environment, Jaume Font, is being “seriously irresponsible”, as he has been at the full disposition of the hoteliers so that they can make this golf course a reality. The Ministry is putting the conservation of this area into grave danger, added GOB.

New school

THE INCA town council yesterday signed an agreement with Artifex Balear to create a new bricklaying school that will specialise in stone masonry and building restoration. The Mayor of Inca, Pere Rotger, explained that the courses are designed for professional masonry workers who want to become specialised in stone work or in restoration. The council has provided all the necessary equipment and a 1'200 squre metre workshop in General Luque barracks. The school will get financial aid from the European Union and has been established to run for ten years. Those interested must first take a test and fill in a form. Artifex Balear is a programme dedicated to modern craft teaching. The Balearic Government has noted that “this is one of the most interesting projects that will help develop education and training in the Balearic Islands”.

Fundraising day

A FUNDRAISING event developed by Cafè Quatre and Manacor Red Cross will be held tomorrow to raise money for the tsunami victims. Throughout the day there will be different activities for all ages, all free. Every person who participates in the events at the cafe will be welcome to make a voluntary donation. Most of the activities will take place inside the cafe. There will be make-up workshops, board games and karaoke. Also, at midday there will be a bbq and all are invited to bring their own food and drinks. The fundraising day will finish by holding a rock concert played by groups from the area.


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