Big bikes on show

T HERE will be a Harley-Davidson competition and exhibition in Puerto Portals this Sunday 28 February from 12pm onwards. Different models, designs and categories of these mythical bikes which are famous for having an image of freedom, will be on display at el Bulevar in Puerto Portals. These bikes attract many bike lovers and enthusiasts all over the world and in fact 45 percent of total sales in Spain are made in the Balearic Islands, Cataluña and Valencia. The participants of the Harley-Davidson competition can opt to take part in two awards. The first award will be presented to the most original bike that has solely been designed by the owner. Whilst the second prize will be decided by a public vote. All visitors to the event will be able to vote for their favourite bike by placing a relevant sticker on their chosen Harley-Davidson. At this event on Sunday visitors will be able to learn more about the attractions of these popular motorbikes that is shared by the hundreds of Harley-Davidson fans that live in Majorca.

New recycling

T HE Pollensa town council is to start a new door-to-door collection of paper and glass on 14 March in the central districts of the region, with the aim to improve the waste recycling and collection. This project is also bringing the recycling service nearer to the residents so they have no excuses not to do their bit for the environment and it also forces those people who do not normally recycle waste. It is hoped that this project will help to reduce the amount of rubbish that is generated, which will lead to an improvement in the environment and an economical saving, said a spokesperson for the town council. Environmental representatives will be visiting all the affected residents in the next few days to make them aware of the project and the part they play in it, for example what they have to do, the days and times of collection. This door-to-door campaign will be run for three weeks and five environmental workers will be taking part in organisation.

Financial aid

THE Inca town council has started a 2005 programme which will give financial help to many families in the area, this help will fall into four categories. This new programme forecasts to give 90 percent discounts off the Furniture and Goods Taxation (IBI), as well as reduced prices (up to 25 percent off) off local school tariffs. Furthermore, families who have more than three children, can apply to have discounts of between 10 and 50 percent off the Music School Antoni Torrandell and off the municipal indoor swimming pool.

New study

T HE Ministry for the Environment is carrying out a topographical study of the coast in order to ratify all the municipal areas in Son Servera, said the spokesperson for the Socialist Party (PSOE) in Son Servera Josep Barrientos. “Son Servera must be one of the regions with the most infringements and these grow every day”, said Barrientos. “There are many shipyards and platforms that close the access for the public to beaches and coves”, he added.

Street to improve

THE Local Co-operation Department of the Majorcan Insular Council (CIM) has granted 219'376 euros to improve the state of the roads in Sa Pobla (calle Assalto, calle Crestatx and calle Renou), which in total will cost 374'660 euros. The Councillor of the Local Co-operation Department of CIM, Miquel Riera, yesterday visited these roadworks together with the Insular Director of the Department, Domingo Bonnín. The calle Assalto and calle Crestatx will be retarmaced, which is estimated to cost around 225'000 euros and the Council has granted 130'000 euros to this work. At calle Renou drainage and pavement work will be carried out, which is estimated to cost around 148'845 euros and the Council has granted 89'307 euros to these roadworks.


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