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THE owners of boats moored at Portals Vells are worried that they will soon lose their moorings, as the mooring concessions finished four years ago and talks with the Balearic government's ports department have been getting nowhere.

At Portals Vells there are sixty-two moorings available and forty-two of these are taken by residents in the nearby area. The discussions to renew the concessions have reached no agreements as yet, because there are difficulties to overcome first, such as the entrance to the dock. This pathway, which is narrow and difficult to drive down by car, is owned by the residents. When Cristòfol Huguet was Director General for Ports, during the first term of office of Jaume Matas, the residents offered this pathway in exchange for the renewal of the mooring concessions.

The agreement seemed reasonable for both parties, but no agreement was actually made with Huguet or with his successor, Onfre Rullan. A few months ago the residents and the new Director General, Fernando Garrido, renewed the discussions that had been previously started with former director generals. Garrido stated that the entrance was too difficult to access the dock and he proposed a new pathway across four plots of land owned by the Barceló company. This surprised the residents, as it meant the intervention of a third party in the talks.


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