by Staff Reporter
A three-year-old girl died when her mother's car suddenly went up in flames outside their home in Palmanova yesterday morning. She was named as Estefania Bosch Palacios.

The child's father, who works in a nearby car wash, was one of the first people on the scene, and he and workmates tried to put out the fire with extinguishers. He did not know at the time that his daughter was in the vehicle.

A Local Police patrol car was parked 300 metres away and the officers and other neighbours also helped put out the flames.
The Guardia Civil are analysing the remains of the car to discover the cause of the accident, which has shocked the popular resort in the municipality of Calvia.

The investigators have not ruled out any hypothesis so far, but sources close to the investigation said the most likely explanation was that it was a “tragic accident.” The tragedy occurred shortly before 11am, in Calle Pedro Miguel Marques.
The child's mother parked the car outside their home, and left her daughter in the car while she took the shopping inside.
When she went out again shortly afterwards, she found the car on fire, with her daughter inside.
The judge gave permission for the body to be removed at 2pm, and it was freed from the vehicle by firemen.
The car was later taken to police premises where it will be examined by experts.
The child's maternal grandparents were driven to the scene by municipal police officers. They broke down and were unable to speak. Nor could the child's mother.

A psychologist went to the scene to give comfort and support to the stricken family.
Neighbours and people working in the area expressed their sorrow and condolences.


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