Big bikes on show

THIS Sunday from midday onwards there will be a multitude of Harley-Davidson bikes on show and in competition with one another for an award. In the Bulevar in Puerto Portals people will be able to regard some of these mythical motorbikes that appeal to many which carry a style of freedom. This is being run in colaboration with the Majorca Chapter Club. The Harley-Davidson motorbikes are distinguished for their history, their classic style and attract many enthusiasts, making them one of the most recognised bikes in the world. Furthermore, 45 percent of all Harley-Davidsons sold in Spain can be found either in the Balearic Islands, Cataluña and Valencia. There will be a competition with two awards; one award will be presented to the owner of the bike that has the most originality, the second will be decided by a public vote.

Port work

THE Minister for Public Works, Transport and Housing, Mabel Cabrer, yesteray visited the sites where work is to be carried out by his department at the Port of Andratx. The total cost of these works will be 280'000 euros. The majority of these funds will be for the new walkway for pedestrains they are to construct at the old dock, which will cost around 182'000 euros. This work began yesterday and will take two and a half months to complete. The aim of this project is “to widen the dock to make it more comfortable for pedestrains to use and so to make it more enjoyable for tourists”. The other project will extend the fishing quay and improve the dry dock. This will cost around 98'100 euros. The project is needed to improve and widen the fishing areas in the port of Andratx.

Parental help

THE Inca town council yesterday signed an agreement with the parental assocations at the schools in Llevant and Ponent to give each of them 6'000 euros to spend on doing more out of school activites with their children and also for paying for babysitting services. In addition, the town council is granting 3'000 euros to buy new school books. This financial aid will be awarded to those families with small incomes. The Parental associations will directly manage these grants, said the mayor for Inca, Pere Rotger. On the other hand, Gloria González, Vice President of the Pupil and Parents Association (APA), said “the Ministry for Education is hanging up new blinds in the school after we protested two weeks ago”. This comment was in reference to the sit-down protestation that took place on 14 February by the parents and pupils who were protesting about the bad state of the blinds in the building.

New building

THE Balearic Government is preparing to lay the first stone of the construction works for the retirement home this summer, said the Minister for Presidency and Sports, Rosa Puig. This building will be 13'000 square metres and will house between 100 and 120 beds, with a budget of six million euros.

Tsunami donation

THE Marratxi Eldery Association Federation yesterday handed over 2'500 euros to the Red Cross that will be added to the funds for those victims of the south-east asian earthquake last December. The Federation is made up of eight organisations that have a total of 1'888 members, who decided to raise some money for whose who desperately needed it. They managed to raise this money by organising walks, parties and raffles.

Wind damage

THE wind snapped a big pine tree in half this week at a house that is located between the port of Andratx and Camp de Mar. A German artist, who makes and decorates cages, lives in this house. He was away from home when the incident happened. For this reason, nobody was injured when the tree fell down. Luckily the tree fell into the garden and not onto the house, which would have damaged the roof. The owner was told about the incident and he rushed home straightaway so that he could clear up the mess.


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