Ambitious work

THE ambitious project to replace the sewerage pipes in Can Picafort are advancing well and people will start to notice the difference this summer, said the manager of the works, Pedro Mas. The original narrow pipes are to replaced with thicker pipes with 1 metre diameter which will enable four times the amount of sewerage to flow. The old pipes were installed in the 1960*s when Can Picafort started to develop. They are so narrow that bad smells and dirty water can escape from the pipes, especially during the summer months, when most of the hotels are full which means there is more sewerage flowing through the pipes. For these reasons the works to replace the pipes are essential for this area, which will cost approximately 1.2 million euros, of which 1.6 million is being financed by the Council of Majorca Public Works and Services budget. The project will run for two years, but will break during the busy months (April to October) and restart in November. The companies carrying out this work, Pastor and Llabrés Feliu, are working non-stop to get as much finished as possible so that tourists and residents will notice a difference this summer. If all goes as planned the project will completely finish on 30 April 2006.

Project begins

WORKS to the Inca train station started yesterday, after a long period of delays. It is predicted that these works, that will build underground level crossings at Crist Rei, will be completed by the end of this year. Currently this area, Crist Rei, is separated from the rest of the city. The solution in order to save the train lines is to build a tunnel for vehicles with two lanes of traffic that will join Avenida Germanies with calle Francesc Borja Moll. There will also be a pedestrian lane. To carry out this project, the construction will follow the method used for the Palma train lines, said the Inca Mayor Pere Rotger. This project has a budget of approximately 1.9 million euros and is being carried out by the Comsa company. The project has an estimated timescale of eight months. There is another important project that also started yestreday in Inca. This project will construct an underground carpark for 187 vehicles in Plaza Antoni Mateu, which is next to the train and bus stations. The plaza will be used by the public. These works have a budget of approximately 2.9 million euros and will take 11 months to complete. The companies in charge of this project are Ovras y Promociones Comas and Pavimientos Hormigones Carreras.

Illegal watering

THE environmental group, GOB, has sent a paper to the General Waste Management Department, in order to change the concession that was granted to the owners of a finca estate in Can Guilló. The concession stated that the owners of this finca were allowed to water their land. This concession was only permitted for agricultural land and the environmental group, GOB, suspect that it could also be used to water the illegal golf course that is in this area.

Disagreement settled

THE Artà town council has finally settled the disagreements that have been in existence with the Balearic Womens Institute by agreeing to grant 6'110 euros to a project. The town council has reached an agreement with the Womens Institute to grant this money for a refuge centre for domestic violence victims in Llevant. The current head offices for this institue are in Manacor. The deputy mayor, Josep Silva, said “we decided to not sign up to the agreement that was signed by most twon councils as the Balearic Government was discriminating this area in other respects, for example winter tourism and we wanted to use agreement as a bargaining tool.” Now they have reached an agreement “we will grant 6'100 euros, as the Institute has assured us that the Government will take our demands into account in the future. We have seen that the right-wing party has a great talent in deabating, for this reason we are giving this amount to the refuge centre”.

Established centre

INCA has had a refuge centre for domestic violence victims for the last four years, which was opened before the one in Manacor. The Mayor of Inca, Pere Rotger mentioned this fact when representatives from the socialist party (PSOE) complained that Inca needed a refuge centre for domestic violence victims. “We do not like to talk about the centre in order to protect the victims from their attackers”.


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