By Humphrey Carter
THE trial of suspected ETA terrorist commando José Luis Urrusolo Sistiaga accused of carrying out two bomb attacks in Palma in 1991, started in Madrid yesterday.

Urrusolo Sistiaga stands accused of having set off a crude car-bomb outside the Porta des Camps military housing complex opposite the Avenidas petrol station on July 30, 1991.

The bomb included two butano gas bottles and was stashed in the back of a van parked in front of the main entrance to the residential complex.
Fortunately no one was killed, but a woman suffered severe burns and the blast caused 34'000 euros worth of damage.
The alleged ETA commando is also being held responsible for a multiple explosive devise which partially destroyed a house rented by a second lieutenant near the Bull Ring on the same day.

The bomb was made up of four interconnected explosive devises, each involving a butano gas bottle and the second lieutenant escaped serious injury.
Cost of the damage to the villa was around 220'000 euros.
There was also a third devise. A second car bomb was primed to explode on the very same day, but it was located in calle Misión de San Diego in the Playa de Palma by police and deactivated by the Tedax bomb squad.

Spanish High Court state prosecutor Eduardo Fungairiño is recommending that Urrusolo Sistiaga be sentenced to 36 years.
Fungairiño also claims that the accused was head of the “Ekaitz” ETA terrorist unit which included three other terrorists “and carried out their criminal acts all along Spain's Mediterranean coast causing the deaths of at least ten people in Barcelona, Valencia and Murcia.” It was the arrest of terrorist unit member Díez Torre in March 1992 which led police to Urrusolo.
At Torre's house they found a false ID card with Urrusolo's photograph and a letter, written “after the Palma de Mallorca experience,” from the Ekaitz commando unit to ETA leaders demanding better and clearer information regarding the more effective use of butano gas bottles in explosive devises. The state prosecutor is charging Urrusolo with one count of possessing explosives and two counts of criminal destruction for which, if found guilty, he wants a 36 year sentence.


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