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THE Balearic Government, through the Quality Tourism Institute (IQT), is planning to develop and promote nautical centres in five of the “Q areas” in the Balearic Islands (Sierra de Tramuntana Tramuntana mountains, Mitjorn i Llevant South & East, Nord North, Ibiza and Minorca), as part of the project to improve tourism quality in the islands.

The Government is hoping to improve the quality and services on offer in these centres, with the aim to make the tourists more satisfied, as well as attracting more tourists and competing with other sailing destinations.

This nautical quality plan was presented yesterday by Miguel Hernández, the director of IQT, at the Calanova Yacht Club. He explained that the nautical centres would offer high class services and installations, and a top class complementary offer.

All of these will be of the highest standard to comply with the Quality Tourism project.
This will ensure that all clients using these centres will be more satisfied than they are at present, said Josep Aloy, the Head of the Tourism Order.
It will also ensure that more tourists will be attracted to these areas, not only sailing fans but general visitors who are simply passing by the centres.

There will also be extra quality services on offer at these centres, such as restaurants, hotels, chandlers, sporting clubs, transport, medical centres, sporting equipment shops, tourist information centres, shopping centres and specialised shops, he added.

As well as hoping to offer all these services, the plan is also aiming to approve the “Q area” marine centres and adjoining services with a stamp of quality from the IQT. This is assuming all standards have been improved and match the standards required by the Institute of Quality Tourism.

This nautical plan has an estimated budget of 1.6 million euros and will be carried out throughout this year, said Aloy. In fact, the plan has already started. Around the islands residents can see the work that is being or has been carried out at various ports, such as removing sewage.

Furthermore, IQT will bear the costs of training and the costs for technical help. In addition low-interest loans will be available from Sa Nostra bank for all ports that need to pay for any additional reforms or improvements.

The ultimate aim of this plan is to be able to compete with international yacht clubs and to attract more tourists to the sailing industry in the Balearic Islands.

As it is true that the islands have competition from much well-established markets, such as Greece and the South of France, and competition from newly emerging markets, such as Croatia.

Aloy highlighted the importance of offering high-quality marinas in the Balearic Islands that also offer additional services.
For an example, he cited ski resorts, where it is not only important to offer snow and ski-lifts, but also many more services, such as hotels, shops, bars and information centres.

Josep Aloy said he has given his guarantee, on behalf of the Ministry for Tourism, to ensure that this plan is developed this year, as well as guaranteeing to develop the campaign that will give stamps of quality to all ports that merit it.


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