Charity keeps on coming

THE Andratx Housewives Association yesterday delivered 2'405 euros to the Minister for Presidency, Rosa Puig. This money was raised by selling “buñoladas” (doughnuts) in Andratx and will be given to the “Asia Together” Charity for the tsunami affected regions. The President of the association, Joana Maria Salvá, and a member, Francisca Andonegui, said all are in favour of the work that has been carried out by non-profit making organisations, in order to improve the hospital and schooling infrastructures that were destroyed by the tsunami las December. The “Asia Together” charity was opened by the Balearic Government immediately after the devastation took place. The charity collects all the donations that have been made by volunteers, institutions and companies. With this money the charity helps to develop many reconstruction projects, such as for hospitals, orphans and schools.

Telephone cable trouble

AN unexpected accident happened yesterday morning involving a telephone cable and it was fortunate that no-one was seriously hurt. The accident happened a little after 8am on the Palmanova motorway, 50 metres from the Cala Figuera roundabout. At this site a heavy telephone cable fell into the road. The cable was previously tied to a wooden post on the right-hand side of the road. A digger, working on the motorway extension project, accidently snapped the post and the cable tensed making it raise a metre and a half from the ground. Just at that moment a 4x4 vehicle passed by, driven by a woman going to the Son Ferrer nursery school. The cable hit the front windscreen and broke the glass. The driver was luckily not hurt and stopped her vehicle immediately. The local police and Guardia Civil rushed to the scene, as well as a family member of the driver. The family member said that this accident could have been a lot worse if it had happened to any other vehicle, especially a moped.

Parking tickets stopped

THE company that manages the parking tickets and fines in Inca, Merpro, has decided to stop handing out parking fines in calle Ramon Llull, from General Luque to Bisbe Llompart and in calle Antoni Fluxà. The parking machines on these roads will be taken away. A spokesperson for Merporo said this decision has been taken as there are more cars with residental passes than there are parking spaces in these areas.

Aerial headaches

THE Majorcan Socialist Party (PSM) and residents in calle Camp Roig are asking for the mobile telephone aerial in this area to be taken down and moved to the outskirts of Alaró. According to a municipal ruling, mobile telephone aerials should only be installed on a site near to a green area. Some of the neighbours are worried and even suspect that this aerial is causing them health problems. One of these residents, Antonia Vázquez, even decided to move homes to get further away from the aerial. “I always get headaches but since living there I was getting very painful headaches all of the time”. In addition, other residents in calle Camp Roig have confirmed that since living there they have been getting migraines.


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