Children's politics

THE town council has started a educative project in the area. One of the most noteworthy is the Children's Council, an event where boys and girls get the opportunity to talk about their town. At this meeting the children can discuss the things that interest them as residents of Artà and also to discuss their ideas on the future of the town. Many other countries, such as Italy, Argentina and Cataluña, already have Children's Councils and the result has been a success. The main aim of this council is to gather information from the children who live in the area about what they would like to change in the town. This project will help to improve the town and adapt it to the required needs of the children.

Bad state of repair

A RECENT technical study carried out by the Council of Majorca has alerted the Government about the bad state of conservation of the Sant Joan de sa Font Santa Oratory. The study recommends that urgent work is carried out because the building is in a “dangerous state” since the “vaults are collapsing”. The study states that part of the upper part of the building has fallen down and that there are many cracks on the walls. On similar lines, it says that “the vaults are in worst condition, as there are cracks in all directions and it looks like they will soon collapse.” The spokesperson for the socialist party, Cosme Bonet, said “something must be done before it is too late”.

Theatre reforms

THE Main Inca Theatre Foundation are now clear on the phases and estimated cost of the project that will reform and renovate the current theatre building. This is after studying the two project proposals. The definitive project will be less ambitious than what was originally planned. In this way, it is forecasted that the theatre works will cost around six million euros. This will allow the roof of the building to be replaced, as well as affording to renovate the rest of the building. However, it does not allow for the purchase of the series of buidlings that are next to the theatre. With these buildings it was hoped that the current theatre would be extended. The project will instead focus on creating new stalls, new scene materials, new dressing rooms and a rehearsal studio. It is expected that the new improved theatre will be able to accomodate up to 540 people. Furthermore, the project plans to improve the reception area of the building. The cost of this project will fall to the three institutions who make up the Foundation; that being the Balearic Government, Council of Majorca and Inca town council.


THE spokesperson for the Inca Republic Basque Party (ERC), Macià Martorell, has said that the motorway road works at Sa Pobla, are it seems “a true squandering of public funds, as well as causing environmental problems”. As an example for his complaint, Martorell explained that the roundabout at the Campanet diversion that had just been built “has been destroyed”. The roundabout a provisional means to allow cars to be deviated around the roadworks. “The roundabout has had a big environmental impact owing to its large dimensions, and now it has been destroyed so that it can be used and it was hardly used at all”, said the ERC spokesperson from Inca. He added that this signifies that the roadworks at Sa Pobla are being carried out without the proper supervision and without controlling the costs and the environmental impacts, beacuse the provisional roundabout is not being used and this means that more land will be needed.

Tunnel closed

THE Sóller tunnel will be closed this week due to necessary reforms that will be carried out. As a result the tunnel will be closed on 29, 30, 31 March and 1 April from midnight until 6am. The reason for the closure is to allow works to be acrried out in order to improve the safety of the underground pass. The Council of Majorca is recommending that travellers in this area should use the carretera del Coll as an alternative route.


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