Ambitious plans

AFTER a long time of not doing much, the Foundation for the Capdepera Castle have decided to start an ambitious plan. The aim is to reform parts of Capdepera and to turn the castle into more of an attraction both for the residents and tourists. Amongst the plans of this project are ideas to reform the degraded Torre d'en Miquel Nunis (see picture), to create a museum and to light up all the city wall areas, explained the President of the Foundation, Pilar García. “All the neighbourhood groups, pensioners groups, fishermen, council members and many others all take part in the Foundation. All residents are represented. The statues are from the 1980s and were a little old fashioned. For this reason, we have decided that we have to adapt to the current times and develop the castle more”, he added.

Bypass work

THE area of Sant Llorenç is changing with all the works currently taking place to construct a bypass. This bypass will help ease traffic problems, as well as making it safer not only for drivers but also for pedestrians. The masonry walls and the raised roads are starting to take shape. “The roadworks are going well. All project timeplans are being hit and we are expecting to finish the works by October this year. The masonry walls are 80 percent complete,” said a spokesman from the Ministry for Public Works. The train bridge where the road to Son Carrio crosses, will remain intact. The project has planned for three raised roads and four lower roads which will connect with all the existing roads. The budget for this bypass project is approximately 9.75 million euros. In addition, a series of enviromental initiatives have been included in the project.

Traffic chaos

DURING peak times in Manacor many residents are now fed up with the constant traffic jams. The cause of these traffic problems it seems, is the closure of the first section of calle Frances Gomila leading towards Passeig Ferrocarril. This part of the road was closed to traffic in 2003 and converted into a pedestrianised walkway. This now closed short stretch of road used to join with plaza de Sa Bassa and with the rest of calle Francesc Gomila up to the Passeig Ferrocarril. Now it is closed, it has made it extremely difficult for drivers to access parts of Manacor and this means that they have to take many long and timely detours around the city instead. This stretch of road has also been turned into a commercial area, as the restaurants place their tables and chairs there in the summer months. If traffic was opened here, these businesses would lose custom. At the moment, these complaints have been listened to but no solution has been discussed.

No free weddings

UP until now, if you were to get married in the Lloret town hall, which is situated next to a beautiful church, it would not have cost you anything. However, the town council has just passed agreement to impose charges on each civil marriage ceremony that takes place here. It will therefore now cost 150 euros to hold a wedding in the town hall. The town council wants to make sure that the money made from these weddings will benefit the town.

Own names

FOR the first time, the Campanet town council has given names to the squares and streets in Ullaró. The residents in Ullaró have been complaining for a long time about the lack of road and square names, which forced them to collect their post from Campanet.


THE project to improve the stretch of road between Santa María and Consell, the old Inca-Palma road, started a month ago. It is estimated that they all will be complete by August. This project, led by the Santa María town council, focuses on improving the look and image of the town. “This road is the first image of the town that people see and many people decide to pass by the town. In order to change this, and to make it a nicer place for the residents, we have invested money into this project”, said Mayor Rosa Vich.


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