A TOTAL of 17'551 requests have been made from immigrants who want to legalise their working situation in the Balearic Islands, and one in three correspond to domestic help positions. The Balearic Islands have accepted 95.57 percent of these requests, according to statistics from the Ministry for Work and Social Matters.
A record number of requests were received on Wednesday from immigrants in the whole of Spain, in total 25.335 requests in only one day.
With regards to this week, the last week for the legalisation process, on Monday 5'886 requests were received, even though it was a bank holiday. On Tuesday, when Madrid had a bank holiday, this number increased to 15'403 requests. During the first thirteen weeks of the process, the average number of requests started at 1'814 in the first week to 15'148 in the last week. The process started on February 7 and will finish tomorrow. Madrid has received the most requests (in total 145'634 which is 25.77 percent), followed by Cataluña, 113'936 (20.16 percent), then Valencia, 87'816 (15.54 percent) and Andalucia 63'748 (11.28 percent). These four regions make up for more than 70 percent of all immigration requests. Most of these requests were from Ecuadorians (123'313 requests), followed by Romanians (83'669).


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