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AROUND one hundred people gathered in front of the Government Representative's building in Palma yesterday morning to take part in a rally defending traditional family values.

The aim of the rally was to persuade the central Government to withdraw the Law that allows same sex marriages.
Many families gathered in front of the Government building at 11 in the morning. One of those at the rally, Carmen Cortezo, criticised the same sex marriage law and called it a “dangerous experiment”. She added that the responsibility of this law is not down to the Leader of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, it is down to the voters, who put their trust in the Socialist Party and voted them into office at the last elections.

She went on to say that gays and lesbians have rights “like everyone else, but this does not mean that other people's rights should be diminished.” In this way, she thinks that the central Government should have given gays and lesbians the same rights concerning marriage “in a different way”.
Other people attending the rally were of the same opinion, such as Xim Pita Da Veiga, who said that he is against the same sex marriage law because “it goes against the values of family and marriage, as it is normally perceived, between a man and a woman”.

However, the participants wanted to make it clear that they are in no way against homosexuals, but that they are simply defending the normal marriage values.

At the same time, more than 400 Majorcan residents travelled to Madrid yesterday to take part in the rally against the same sex marriage law.
The demonstrators at Madrid's rally also asked for a new ruling on the adoption law, which will ensure a child's right to have both a mother and a father, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on children's rights.

This huge rally started at 6pm, and many people from all over Spain, travelled to Madrid to back the cause. Many people carried banners with slogans such as “the family matters”, “for the right to a mother and a father”.

One of the people taking part in the rally in Palma, summed up his thoughts by saying that traditional marriages “have existed since the world began” and that “for some reason, no other civilisations contemplated same sex marriages”.


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