by Staff Reporter
THE Partido Popular (PP) has ordered Mayor of Calvia Carlos Delgado to dismiss councillor Joan Thomas from his responsibilities. The decision was taken at a meeting at which the resignation of Sebastia Vidal, the Mayor of Ses Salines was accepted.

The decision was announced to the media, by Balearic government leader Jaume Matas, who is also head of the PP in the islands. He added that Mayor Catalina Cirer had also informed him of the reshuffle in her council team at the meeting.

Joan Thomas resigned from the Majorcan Unionist (UM) party, to vote with the PP on a planning matter, endangering a pact between the two parties. Delgado had insisted that he would not dismiss Thomas, who held several positions on the council, including head of planning, the environment, roads and works and new technologies. Matas said that Delgado had been ordered to sack Thomas “in compliance with the pact with the UM.” He added that Delgado did not attend the meeting but was aware of the decision. He also expressed a wish that he would comply with party orders.
The party also called on the local committees of both parties to redefine the pact in Calvia until the end of the legislature.
The Mayor of Ses Salines resigned following a scandal generated by certificates issued to legalises stables belonging to a local riding association.
Matas praised Vidal, saying that his decision to resign was voluntary, and “it honoured him.” He said he was a “victim” of a situation which time will clear up.

He added that Vidal had put party interests before his own, in order not to damage the image of the PP.
Matas said that his decision will not affect the pact between the PP and the Independents of Ses Salines, and the local branch of the PP will decided who the next Mayor will be.