News Desk PALMA City Council is currently studying the possibility of allowing people to catch a taxi in the Paseo Marítimo during the weekends only at the designated taxi ranks along the popular Paseo, one of the night life centres, from next year, said the Director General of Transit and Tranpsort in Palma City Council, José Ramón Orta.

At the moment taxis can stop and pick up people anywhere along the Paseo Maritimo in Palma, and at the weekends, when this road is exceptionally busy, the situation can sometimes be dangerous and frustrating for other road users and pedestrians.

Palma City Council will only make this decision if all the taxi drivers, businesses and residents along the Paseo Maritimo are in full agreement, Orta added.

The taxi sector have been complaining for the past few months about the saturation situation on this road on Friday and Saturday nights.
The taxi drivers have proposed a number of solutions, such as closing one part of the Paseo Maritimo to traffic for a few hours, or to create a lane exclusively for the taxis and buses.

These two proposals are not viable at the moment, given the characteristics of the road, Orta said.
In addition, the Director General indicated that the Transit and Transport department is advising taxi drivers to buy a people carrier when it comes to them buying a new taxi, because of the many advantages that this type of vehicle offers.

Palma City Council has made it compulsory for all new taxis to have air conditioning, and it is the council which has final approval of which vehicles can be used as taxis.