“Pipican” on the streets

THE Pollensa town council has started up a new plan to get rid of the presence of dog excrement from the main streets in the Port of Pollensa. They will soon be installing “pipicans” in different strategic points in the port, and they will also be starting an initiative to make dog owners more aware of their responsibilities when they are taking their pets for a walk. The “pipican” will consist of a dog litter bin including shovels which owners can use to collect the excrement from the streets. At the moment the Mayor, Joan Cerda, and the councillor for the fishing port, Margalida Cerda, are assessing the best locations for these “pipicans”. The town council is in talks with the supermarket Caprabo to install the first “pipican” very close to the shopping centre, in gardens next to the roundabout. A second “pipican” will be placed in the children's park on the seafront, which is right next to the Guardia Civil building. The Mayor explained that they are also trying to install a further two “pipicans”, “one at the roundabout and another more central one in the gardens next to the Miquel Capllonch school. If the initiative goes well and achieves the desired results (dog litter free streets), then Pollensa could also be receiving some of these revolutionary dog bins.

No longer free parking

PARKING in Sa Pobla is going to soon be radically changed. As from tomorrow, the central streets in Sa Pobla will no longer offer free parking. Tomorrow Monday the ORA payment system will start working in the most central roads, such as Calle Gran, Lluc, Escola and calle Marina. Residents and tourists will also now have to pay for parking in the carparks at Plaza Mercat, Plaza del Museo de Sant Antoni, and Plaza el Dimoni. The councillor Antoni Serra Comas and representatives from the concessionary company, Dornier, met with hundreds of residents and business owners last week to discuss how this new parking system will work in the town. Residents will have the opportunity to buy a Residents Card for 30 euros per year. This first week of the parking system will be seen as a test, so no parking fines will be handed out.

Boys' choir welcome

THERE are ten new members of the “Blavets” (Boys' Choir) at the Lluc School; Manuel Mdothi, Miquel Angel Torres, Simó Egea, Toni Reyes, Sinan Yunus, Joan Gabriel Ramon, Antoni Ferragut, Timu Julian, Marti Cantallops and Joan Aaron Serra. After a full information day for the parents of the boys yesterday, the boys were formally offered their boys' choir blue cassock at 8pm. This event consists of giving the younger pupils, who last year were in training, the new cassock as from now on they will be able to sing in the ceremonies with the group. The new school year will begin soon for them, September 14, and the school has one more year to go before any girls will be seen singing in the boys' choir wearing the traditional blue cassocks.

Possible industrial park

THE Sa Pobla town council will have to decide before the end of October if they wish to go ahead and build an industrial estate near the town. The agricultural industrial estate, could be built on the Son Alegre land, which is located between Crestatx and s'Obac, and near the Pollensa roundabout of the future Inca-Sa Pobla motorway. “It would be a huge industrial park, with not only agricultural foodstuff producers, but also shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment areas”, explained the Mayor Antoni Serra Mir. The Mayor wishes to listen to the opinion of all residents and business owners in Sa Pobla before making the decision. “I think that it is an historic opportunity for development and modernisation for the area, but I want the decision to be one of consensus”, the Mayor added.