l September 5: Woman died in fall from fifth storey in Palma's Calle San Vicente Ferrer. l September 3: One death in a traffic accident in Palma, bringing the toll up to 75, and one death by drowning. l August 30: Pedro Bonnin found battered to death at his home in Arta. l August 28: Fire fighting pilot Enrique Carré died when his plan crashed into a mountainside as he was about to release a load of water over a forest fire in Escorca. l August 27: A pregnant Italian tourist and a man died in a head-on collision and a pedestrian was killed after being hitby two cars. l August 26: A Spanish woman was found strangled by a belt. Her husband is alleged to have strangled her in a fit of jealousy. l August 19: Police found the bodies of British woman Ana Minissale and Daniel Woolcock in their Terreno flat. They had been dead for several days. It is alleged that Woolcock battered Minissale to death and then hanged himself. l August 18: A man aged about 80 allegedly shot himself in the head in Palma. l August 11: Two holidaymakers, a 23-year-old Frenchman and a 25-year-old German, staying in Cala Mayor and Arenal, fell to their deaths from their hotel balconies. A 60-year-old German drowned in Felanitx. l August 8: An Irish tourist died in Ibiza of intoxication believed to have been caused by the consumption of liquid ecstasy. In Majorca, one person died in a traffic accident. l August 5: A man died in a traffic accident in Minorca, in which four members of a British family were also injured, one of them critically. l July: The body of a woman and her two children were found dead with shotgun wounds. At first police suspected her companion, but autopsy results showed that the woman killed her children and then committed suicide.