by Staff Reporter
THE Balearic government ordered its emergency plan against flooding into action at noon yesterday, and it will be operational until today, in view of the risk of further storms in the Balearics.

People were taken by surprise by the storm which hit the island yesterday, although the 112 Emergency Service reported only a slight increase in the number of calls.

Most of them were related to reports of flooding in basements, ground floors and garages in Palma, none of which was serious, government sources said.
EMAYA, the water board, sent out extra brigades to check the drainage at points such as Sa Riera, the water course which runs down the Paseo Mallorca.
The power company GESA was also on the alert yesterday in view of the storm warnings, mobilising more than 80 people and various vehicles to tackle any blackouts.

A spokesman for the power company said that they had also reinforced staff at the control centre and personnel manning the telephone lines.
A company spokeman said that it had been a quiet day, although shortly after noon there was a breakdown on the Torre Vella line which affected about 1'000 customers in S'Indioteria.

Throughout the summer, Gesa has been carrying out repairs, and replacing pieces in the network which had deteriorated in an effort to reduce the possibilities of a breakdown during the storms which normally hit the Balearics in September and October.

The prediction for today is the possibility of moderate to heavy rainfall accompanied by storms, which may be very heavy in some parts of the island and accompanied by hail.

Yesterday's rain was the worst since the sudden cold snap in August, and it brought with it a slight drop in temperatures.
The Met Office said that a further drop in temperatures could be expected today with light to moderate winds.