by Staff Reporter
THE Partido Popular (PP) won't start disciplinary proceedings against Mayor of Calvia Carlos Delgado as a result of the political crisis in the municipality, according to Pere Rotger, head of the party in Majorca.

But he called on Delgado to make an effort to “recover the confidence” of the Majorcan Unionist (UM) party, to prove to Majorcans and his party that he is a “responsible and sensible person.” Rotger said that Delgado “had the same weight in the PP as before the crisis,” although he added that the Mayor should now sit down with Isidre Cañellas, the only UM councillor on the council, to negotiate, and to “prove that the general interest of Calvia is above personal phobias and interests.” At the last municipal elections, the PP won ten seats but needed 11 for a simple majority to be able to rule comfortably, so it made a pact with the UM, which had two seats, Thomas and Cañellas.

However, Thomas, who was head of various departments on the council, broke party discipline and resigned, in order to vote with the PP over a controversial planning issue. Delgado refused to sack Thomas to maintain the pact, despite being ordered to do so by Balearic leader Jaume Matas, who is also head of the party in the islands.

Thomas has now resigned from his posts but has retained his seat as councillor.
Rotger yesterday called on Delgado and Cañellas “to sit down and analyse why the pact has failed and there is a lack of confidence.” He called on them to “show Majorcans and their parties that they are responsible people, remembering all the time that if they are in those positions, it is because party members and citizens have put them there.” He stressed that the crisis was now closed, although “it depends on them whether or not it reopens.” Rotger praised the example given by the PP's regional executive committee in the conflict, “maintaining an ethical responsibility beyond the norm.” He went on to say that “we had been prepared to go to the final consequences if the solution which we have achieved had not been reached.” Rotger said that the party's decision would be appreciated by society and be seen as positive by the PP committee in Calvia, even though it had initially disobeyed the party order and backed Delgado in his determination not to sack Thomas. “We are here to maintain the promise given to the UM, to give an example showing that we do not want turncoats,” Rotger said, describing it as “a brave decision.” The party leaader added that the most important matter now is to achieve “the maximum stability in Calvia, discussing only the problems affecting its residents.”